How to choose a septic-safe toilet paper

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It is true that the toilet was only meant for flushing toilet paper, feces, and urine. But if you have a septic system, you have to be cautious about the toilet paper you use because contrary to common belief, not all toilet paper is created equal. Even some of the brands that are labeled “septic safe” may not necessarily be safe for your septic system. So how can you choose a toilet paper that will not harm your septic system?

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Here are some of the things that you should look for when shopping for a septic safe toilet paper;

Biodegradable toilet paper

Because all toilet paper will eventually breakdown in water, most homeowners assume that all toilet paper is created equal. But there is nothing further from the truth. Some toilet papers break down much quicker than others. Biodegradable toilet paper will dissolve in the water quicker and is, therefore, the most ideal type of toilet paper for your septic tank.

Recycled toilet paper

Recycled toilet paper is toilet paper that was made from recycled paper. Recycling paper requires fewer chemicals than making original paper. Additionally, the fibers in recycled paper are shorter and this makes them easier to disintegrate in water. If you were to juxtapose the two options, recycled paper is much safer for the septic system than nonrecycled tissue paper.

Septic-safe toilet paper

There are some toilet papers that are specially made for the septic system. Such toilet papers are known as septic safe toilet paper and they are typically labeled as such. The main difference between these tissue papers and the rest is that they are designed to disintegrate faster in water. But you shouldn’t take the manufacturer’s word for it – put the toilet paper to the test and see if is as good as described on its packaging.

A simple test to determine the best toilet for your septic safe

Trust but verify – this is the golden rule of living and it applies very well when it comes to picking the best toilet paper for your septic tank. since there are many options on the market, there is a simple test you can do to scientifically determine the best out of the best. Here are the steps to follow;

  • Look for 4 different septic safe toilet paper brands
  • Cut 5 squares from each of the brands and put each into a different mason jar
  • Add water into the jars until they are almost full and then shake each jar vigorously before setting it down. This vigorous shaking is an important step because it mimics the effect of flushing the toilet
  • Observe the jars to see which of the tissue papers disintegrated quickly and easily. This will let you know which of the brands you picked is the best


Plumbing issues in the home are usually caused by faulty faucets and plumbing components that have grown too old. But in some cases, the problem is caused by using the wrong products. For instance, using a toilet paper that is not friendly to the septic tank might cause the tank to fill up quicker than usual or even clog up the system. This is why you must always ensure to purchase septic safe toilet paper.


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