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    Where can I get Bio-Sol products?

    You can order Bio-Sol products online at or by phone by contacting us at 1-800-378-6132. We ship them everywhere in Canada.

    Is the delivery free?

    We do not charge any shipping fees for orders over $115. So if you order, for example, 6 bags of Septi +, shipping is FREE!

    How long will it take to receive my products?

    The products are shipped the day after the order is placed and the products are sent by Expedited Parcel. Canada Post should be able to deliver them to you in 2 to 8 business days (the delay depends mainly on the province in which you are located in Canada).

    Do your products work with sumps and soak pits?

    All our products for septic systems are also adapted to the treatment of cesspools and soakaways. The products and the quantities to be used are the same... Only the way of treatment may vary! Please specify that you have a sump when ordering. The consultant will then be able to offer you the right recommendations.

    Can I do a shock treatment at any time during the year?

    You can shock-treat throughout the year. There is no real "best time" to shock-treat. It is not necessary to wait until spring to do the shock treatment. You can do it even in winter. The cold of winter does not really affect the system. It is very rare for septic systems to freeze. The biodegradation process produces heat that keeps the system at an adequate temperature even during our harsh Canadian winters.