After how long will I see an improvement?

Overview RETURN AND REFUND After how long will I see an improvement?

Some clients see improvement within days, some within months, some see improvement but need to do a 2-step treatment… It really depends on your specific situation!

A minor problem that has just appeared will be resolved much more quickly than a major problem that is the result of decades of accumulation.

It should also be remembered that this is an alternative solution to biological problems. It could also be a structural problem (disconnected pipe, crushed duct, manufacturing defect, etc).

In most cases, it is a problem caused by the accumulation of organic matter. Except that sometimes it is also too large even to be dealt with by shock treatment products. If the “biomat” has filled the entire leaching bed to the point of completely blocking the perforated pipes… the chances of success are much slimmer. If you see an improvement, but the problem is not completely solved, we recommend a second shock treatment.

If you don’t see any improvement after 3-4 months, the problem with your septic system may be too big to be corrected with a shock treatment.

In all cases, it is worthwhile to try to solve the problem with a shock treatment before undertaking a septic system replacement project. A shock treatment costs only a few hundred dollars, whereas a new septic system can cost up to $40,000!

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