Septi RV

Septi RV

1 liter : 15.95 $ + taxes | 4 liters : 49.95 $ + taxes

*** NEW PRODUCT 2020 ***

What is Septi RV?

Septi RV is a cleaning product for holding tanks in recreational vehicles and marine craft. It is formulated with bacteria and enzymes at its base, and it comes in liquid form. By digesting organic matter, it neutralizes odors and makes for easy emptying of the tank.

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How does it work?

Odorous gases released by the fermentation of organic matter often annoy RV and marine craft owners. By adding Septi RV to the toilet, you neutralize odors at their source and facilitate the digestion of waste in the septic tank.

A biological solution for VRs?

Septi RV is allowed in every campground. The bacteria and enzymes contained in its formulation replace heavy chemicals. Furthermore, its fragrance is made of natural extracts.

Are there products I should avoid?

There are many low-end products on the market. Be careful to not use products containing formaldehyde and ammonia. These products can affect the quality of the surrounding air. They have also been declared dangerous by Health Canada. Also, avoid using chemical products that show the ‘‘toxic’’ or ‘‘corrosive’’ signs. Promote a healthy environment for your well-being and that of your family - choose an organic and natural solution.

How many treatments can I do with a 1L bottle?

1L of Septi RV of Septi RV = 8 to 12 treatments (depending on the size of the tank)

How much does it cost?

Septi RV is offered in several sizes. Get the size that best suits your needs.

1 liter : 15.95 $ + taxes

4 liters : 49.95 $ + taxes

Return and refund policy

Following your order, you will have up to 30 days to return the products if you don’t want to pursue treatment. However, the products have to be in good shape and not been used. You just have to contact us by phone or by email to request it and the refund will be issued according to the returned quantity.

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