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What is SeptiMax ?

SeptiMax is a shock-treatment product for septic installations. It is our enzyme and bacteria based product that is the most concentrated (4 times more powerful than our Septi +). It comes in a powder form. We use it to digest the most encrusted and resistant septic wastes.

It’s prime job : digesting old septic wastes + optimizing a shock-treatment

It can be used to also clean sumps and wet wells.

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What is a shock-treatment?

A shock treatment is a biological way to clean a septic installation. Our clients use a shock-treatment for prevention or to fix the problem of a clogged septic field (or sump).

2 products are used for a shock-treatment: SeptiDrain and SeptiMax.

What is the difference between SeptiDrain and SeptiMax?

We normally start the shock-treatment by using SeptiDrain since it acts as a pipe degreaser and cleans the drainfield (or the sump / wet well). Then, we use SeptiMax in order to optimize the shock-treatment and digest the more resistant septic wastes.

How does SeptiMax work ?

SeptiMax is either added to the toilet or directly to the septic tank. The enzymes will then digest the organic matter that is encrusted in the pipes of the drainfield, on the filtering sand and on the crushed stone.

How can I know if my drainfield is clogged ?

Usually, septic installations show apparent signs of wear. Here are a few examples :

  • Water backs up and overflows where the septic tank cover is located, at the surface, or into the house.
  • The ground is wet, spongy or vegetation is thicker at the surface of the drainfield.
  • The water level is high in the septic tank.
  • The house drains (ex.: bathtub, sink, shower) are slow evacuating. They make a «gurgling» sound.
  • There are bad odors inside or outside the house.

What can I do if my drainfield is clogged ?

Maybe you are thinking that you must replace your septic installation? Wait! Science has now provided an alternative solution that is way less expensive! By doing a shock-treatment, the majority of our clients manage to solve their problem of clogging. The shock-treatment is the first step to follow when you have a septic installation problem. Every owner of a septic installation should consider this option before investing in a replacement project.

What is your success rate ?

We have observed a success rate of around 80 % when treating clogging in septic installations. So when you consider the cost of replacing the septic installation, SeptiMax is the #1 SOLUTION when it comes to clogging.

Is it safe?

SeptiDrain's natural formula is 100% safe for you and the environment.

Can it be used with sumps and wet wells as well ?

Yes, SeptiMax can be used to clean sumps and wet wells. You can either add it to the toilet or directly into the sump or wet well.

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How much does it cost ?

SeptiMax is offered in a 454 g format and costs $74.99 + taxes / bag. We recommend that our clients use 1 or 2 bags of SeptiMax in order to optimize the shock-treatment.

Return and refund policy

Following your order, you will have up to 30 days to return the products if you don’t want to pursue treatment. However, the products have to be in good shape and not been used. You just have to contact us by phone or by email to request it and the refund will be issued according to the returned quantity.

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