Information | Clogged drainfield or septic tank odors

What causes problems in septic tanks and drainfields ?

Every day, a septic installation receives a heavy dose of soap, grease, excrement, toilet paper, food residue, detergents, cleaning products, etc. These wastes accumulate inside the septic tank and slowly form a black sludge. Unfortunately, this black sludge not only accumulates inside the septic tank, but also inside the drainfield (or sump). When the sludge has accumulated sufficiently to block the water flowing into the ground, we say the drainfield is clogged or saturated. Usually, that is when problems start showing up in the septic tank and drainfield.

How can I know my drainfield is clogged ?

Usually, septic installations show apparent signs of wear. Here are a few examples :

  • Water backs up and overflows where the septic tank cover is located, at the surface, or into the house.
  • The ground is wet, spongy or vegetation is thicker at the surface of the drainfield.
  • The water level is high in the septic tank.
  • The house drains (ex.: bathtub, sink, shower) are slow evacuating. They make a «gurgling» sound.
  • There are bad odors inside or outside the house.

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How can I resolve my drainfield problems ?

You can use powerful bacteria to do a shock-treatment. The bacteria begin digesting the accumulated black sludge in the pipes of the drainfield and in the sand and gravel that filters the water.

Here are the best available products on the market especially formulated to resolve the problem of clogging and saturated drainfields :

What is the success rate ?

We have observed a success rate of around 80 % when treating clogging. So when you consider the cost of replacing the septic installation, every homeowner of a septic installation should do a shock-treatment before investing in replacing their installation.

How can I prevent my drainfield from clogging up ?

You can use a quality enzyme-based product to maintain it by digesting the septic sludge coming from the septic tank and thereby clarifying its effluent (making clear the water flowing from the septic tank to the drainfield or sump).

This is the king of additives for septic tanks :

It contains 1 billion bacteria per gram !

Here are some of the enzymes produced by those bacteria :

  • Lipase (it transforms the molecular structure of fats to water)
  • Amylase (it digests starches by transforming them into a soluble solution)
  • Protease (it eliminates odors and liquefies solid wastes)
  • Cellulase (it degrades toilet paper)

Note : Some of these enzymes are the same as your digestive system secretes.

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Are your products adapted to all types of septic systems ?

Our products are adapted to almost every type of septic installation. If you already have a septic tank and drainfield, that shows you already have a ‘‘standard’’ installation. Our products are perfectly adapted to standard installations. They adapt very well to sumps, to wet wells and to installations involving a pump station. If however you own an advanced system (for example : Bionest, Ecoflo or Enviro-Septic systems), consult your retailer or contact us at 1-800-378-6132.

How can I purchase your products ?

Our products are shipped by Canada Post. They are sent Expedited, therefore you should receive them very rapidly (usually in 2 work days). We include a calendar and instruction sheets to facilitate treatments.

Please note : You can also come to our home office in Granby (Quebec).
Contact us at 1-800-378-6132 to make an appointment.

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