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What is a shock
A shock treatment is an
ecological and simple way to
clean a septic system.


Basic shock treatment

This shock treatment is mainly intended for those who do not necessarily have a problem with their septic system and would like to do a good preventive cleaning.

This shock treatment includes:

4 liters of SeptiDrain $114.00+taxes
1 bag of SeptiMax $89.95+taxes
total: $114 + $89.95 - $50 (discount) = $153.95+taxes

Moderate shock treatment

This shock treatment is intended for those who are beginning to
see problems
with their septic system.
For example: if the ground becomes abnormally wet or if the water level in the septic tank seems abnormally high.

This shock treatment includes:

10 liters of SeptiDrain $239.00+taxes
2 bags of SeptiMax $179.90+taxes
total: $239 + $179.90 - $100 (discount) = $318.90+taxes

Intensive shock treatment

This shock treatment is for those who have a major septic
system problem
and want to solve it as quickly as possible.
For example: if the septic tank overflows or if there is literally a pool of
water above the leaching bed.

This shock treatment includes:

20 liters of SeptiDrain $419.00+taxes
2 bags of SeptiMax $179.90+taxes
total: $419 + $179.90 - $150 (discount) = $448.90+taxes

Wait before replacing your septic system!

Most of our customers solve their clogging problems with a shock treatment. A shock treatment is the first step in dealing with a septic system problem.

Every owner of a septic system should consider this option before investing in a replacement project.


For those who want to maintain their septic system
For those with slow flow or gurgling problems
For those with wetland problems
For those with backflow problems
For those with septic tank odor problems
For those with tall grass problems



It's a liquid product and it contains a high concentration of bacteria and enzymes. The biosurfactant it contains allows bacteria to break down organic matter by forming a balm that dislodges the molecules of organic matter.
How to use it:


It's a granular product and it contains 4 billion bacteria per gram! It is used in addition to SeptiDrain to break down the most resistant organic matter during the shock treatment.
How to use it:


Ah! It is certain that for us, we offer you the best products in the world! That’s normal since they are OUR products… We know them, we’ve seen their efficiency and we’re proud of them. But we are not the only ones who speak well of them.

On the Testimonials page of this website, there are 100s of testimonials that you can read from customers who also think the same thing. So trust them. They were in a situation similar to yours and they tried it.

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“Much easier for me to do the grass, because it's not soaking wet anymore. Now I can walk on it without having my feet in the water. The water runs off much easier without blocking the toilet or sink. Thank you very much for taking a weight off my shoulders.”
Danny Bélanger
from Saint-Jacques
“"In the fall of 2015, my septic tank overflows, I have my tank emptied for the first time. A few days later, same problem. This time, I call the plumber to identify the problem. I had the tank emptied a second time, the plumber put his camera on and diagnosed that the leaching bed was clogged. Cost for the plumber and the two drains: close to $3,000. Recommendation: redo the field. The costs will be astronomical considering my pension income. After discussion with a brother-in-law, he tells me that he used Bio-sol products and that it saved his septic tank and septic field. I have nothing to lose. I contact the Bio-sol representatives, explain my problem to them and they give me their recommendations. A few days later, I receive their products, I follow the recipe and in less than a week, everything is back to normal. For a few hundred dollars, I saved several thousand. Thank you, to the people at Bio-sol.”
Claude Trudel
from Pointe-Lebel
“I discovered the world of septic tanks when we bought our little cottage in 2013. Smells. An emptying to be done regularly. I haven't had to empty it in three years! After a lot of research on the internet, I discovered Bio-Sol, its products and especially Mr. Gagné's experience and valuable advice. I learned how to take care of the pit, feed it well, don't put anything in it. I haven't had to empty it in three years! I recommend without hesitation!”
Hélène Francoeur
from Saint-Fabien-sur-Mer
“I have been using the products for several years now and no more gurgling into the sink and water that comes back into the tank. My leaching bed is working better and if not, I do shock treatments if necessary!”
Mélanie Lévesque
who lives in St-Léon-le-Grand
“In the fall of 2017, we hired a plumber for a sewer backup in the basement. Two months later, the same problem arose, we had the plumber come back, who showed us on camera that the entrance to the septic tank was blocked and, since it was winter, that we would have to have the snow removed to reach the tank, clear the entrance and have it drained, all at very high cost, not to mention the unexpected surprises. Fortunately, a neighbour told us about a pamphlet from Bio-Sol that he had received in the mail. We visited the site on the Internet and immediately contacted the company. After speaking with Mr. Gagné, who gave us clear explanations and valuable advice, we ordered the products, which arrived a few days later. Since then, our septic tank has been working perfectly, no more backflow, no more unpleasant odours. Mr. Gagné also advised us on products to use such as toilet paper and detergent to keep our septic tank in good condition. We are completely satisfied with Bio-Sol products and we strongly recommend them. Thank you very much!”
Robert Bois
from Rimouski
“I've been using Bio-Sol products for three years. For my part, it was a preventive treatment because I had no problem with my septic field. I will therefore testify to the service I received. I was well received by a staff that knows its products well. People are smiling and welcoming. I enjoyed doing business with them.”
France Bélanger
from Magog
“As soon as we tested the bio-sol products, the results were conclusive, no more backflow from the tank, so the leaching bed has been working very well since then. I recommend it to everyone who has a house in the township or country, it's a good way to extend the life of your installation.”
S. Fiset
from Granby
“I have been using Bio sol for a few years now and I am very satisfied that my leaching bed has no more smell. I recommend to all those who have a septic system to use Bio Sol, a very responsible and reliable company.”
Agathe Proulx
from Ste-Anne-des-Lacs
“30 year old leaching bed. The water level in the pit was high. I had two choices, to redo it or to treat it with BIOSOL. Total success after one year of treatment. Bed is working well and the sludge test is normal. Very satisfied with a very good service.”
Marc Monfette
from Marbleton
...and you can read even more testimonials on the dedicated page of this website!


You will have access to free telephone support and your products will come with personalized instructions.


The products will be sent in Expedited Parcel via Canada Post. They will be at your home in 2 to 8 business days. We normally process orders the same day and ship the next day (except Saturday and Sunday).


Unfortunately, we cannot refund products that have been used. But if for some reason you decide you no longer want them, we will refund the products you return to us at your charge (within 30 days after delivery).


It's FREE for you. We are taking care of them!


Choose 1 of the 3 shock treatments
Choose one of the shock treatments displayed on this page and, not only will you get a discount of up to $150, but you will also receive the best septic tank products on the market!
Clean your septic system
You can do the shock treatment yourself. It’s easy and fast! More than 18,000 Canadians have already cleaned their septic systems with Bio-Sol products.


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